Thursday, 8 June 2017

Naked blonde meal planner

Hey guys something a little different today last week I ordered the new naked blonde meal planner from Amanda and Denise over at aj6designs on etsy and I have to say I love this planner so let's have a little look.

The planner comes with a cute pen that has the words bite it write it to remind you to write down everything you eat to help you keep better track and it comes with a cute little sticker sampler aswell, the girls also have meal planner stickers in their etsy store which is awesome.

The inside cover has a little bio all about the naked blonde and why she started making the meal planner in the first place.

Next up is a page to write your goals for the week also your weight loss aim for the week as well as a bit for your current weight which is a great way to keep track and remind yourself where you would like your weight to be.

you have a page for keeping track of your meals and snacks for the week aswell as a meal planner section the page before to help keep you on track.

There's also a page to track your workouts and exexcise during the week aswell which is a great addition to a meal planner.

So there you have it my new favourite meal planner.

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