Saturday, 12 August 2017

Queen Mabel and Doris PR Package

Hey guys so today I received my very first pr package from susie and carole over at Queen mabel and Doris on etsy this one seems to be Christmas themed which is awesome as Christmas is my fave time of year and having 3 kids I need to be organised so let's start off with the first of 4 travellers notebook inserts I received.

This notebook has your week on 1 page and then on the other it had a to do and to buy area for you to map out your weekly to do and even your weekly shopping list. The next insert is a Christmas 1 for you to plan out the entire Christmas, you have a gift ideas online purchases and even the amount spent for each person so you can keep track of how much your spending.
Personally I love this kind of insert as I feel it takes a little bit of the stress away as you can plan ahead and keep track of what you have bought.

Insert number 3 is another amazing one it helps you note down your family traditions any decorations you need to make or buy, it even has Christmas eve,Christmas day and boxing day menu planner if your having the whone family round for Christmas dinner, it also has movies to watch, books to read there is so much in this insert the everyone will love it.

The 4th and final insert is for all those of us who love memory keeping it's a blank page headed notebook for all your memory keeping for the entire month of December.

In my kit I also received sticker samplers from the amazing karleigh over at themixmatchplanner on etsy theirs vampire and hunters and autumn dreams sampler. 
 As you can see these sample kits are amazing and so cute I can't wait to use them.
 I also received this amazing queen mabel and Doris paper clip in this awesome gold colour which I love.

Finally in my box I received this amazing Christmas paper clip for the lovely Alyson over at scarlet moon crafts.

If you want to purchase anything from Queen mabel and Doris then if you use my code claire10 it gets you 10% off your purchase on the etsy store.

And for the mixmatchplanner use the code claire15 for 15% off your purchases over £8.

That's it from me this week seek you all again soon.


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